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Come to Maha Maya Center
of Consciousness to Kerala/India
and realize your true self

Maha Maya Center of Consciousness Logo

Come to Maha Maya Center

of Consciousness

Maha Maya Center of Consciousness Logo

Come to Maha Maya Center
of Consciousness to Kerala/India
and realize your true self

What to experience in Maha Maya Center


Maha Maya Center of Conscieousness invites people from all over the world to come to this special place to reflect, find inner peace and to find their true self.

A place where you feel safe, a place that energetically invites you to meditate and become calm.

The Sanatan Dharma (origin of all religions) still celebrated in India and the spirituality lived in the center, the simplicity, the magic of the enchanting garden touches us deeply in our hearts.

All this and much more create the willingness, longing and inner intention to step out of many limitations and create a more free and happier life.

Explore Maha Maya Center

A property in a very calm area in Kerala, far away from tourism and road noise.

In an idyllic place, surrounded by forests, you will find lovingly furnished rooms in the original Indian architectural style. An 8-cornered seminar hall, open on the sides so that a cool breeze can blow in. A temple that invites you to meditate.

Perceive your inner power with HIAO Healing

HIAO is a sound that in itself carries the memory of what makes us human and the potential to what we are capable of if we debunk the illusions of personal boundaries.

We cannot safe spiritual energy within our bodies, because our body has a low vibration because of external influences (food, environment, thoughts, emotions). With HIAO exersices we learn to influence our nerve tract and chakras to hold the spiritual energy in our body. Through this we can finally identify with this higher consciousness and align ourselves towards it.

Relax your body with Ayurvedha

Feel the magic of 5,000+ years old Ayurveda. Our experienced massage therapists provide different types of Ayurvedic massages with warm herbal oils.



Our Packages

HIAO Single Coaching

  • You find yourself at a point in life, where you long for a transformation?
  • You have achieved a lot, experienced a lot professional and private, and still there is this strong longing, that you ask yourself: what is life, what is really my life?
  • You wish to drop your mask, your conditioning and face the life that you incarnated for?

10 days retreat (14 days stay)

  • meditation at the fire and in the temple
  • HIAO Healing meditation
  • custom-made program for self reflection
  • Karma Yoga
  • ayuvedic massage
  • Shirodhara
  • ashram like yoga and meditation center in Kerala/India
  • vegetarian full board
  • excursion included

At most 2 people at one time.
Price from 2.800 Euro per Person

Group packages

  • Are you a teacher/trainer/coach for Yoga/Meditation/Healing?
  • You always wanted to come to India, but you felt too insecure because of food, seminar hall, hygiene, price?
  • You are seeking for a unique place to stay? A perceivable place to unfold your lessons?
  • For groups with spiritual and personal development focus
  • The beautiful octagonal seminar hall is situated in the magical garden of the Maha Maya land.
  • The deep silence and the ashram likealignment of the center, will support you and your students.
  • You can attend the daily puja (light ceremony of the vedas) in our interdenominational temple.
  • Between your lessons you can relax in the beautiful garden, indulge in ayuvedic massage or allow yourself a chai in our rooftop chai shop.
  • Alternatively we offer interesting and exciting excursions in the surrounding. The team of Maha Maya Center is happy to help you.

maximum 32 people
price on request



My stay at the Maha Maya Land moved and changend me deeply.

From the first moment I felt very calm and peaceful. My thoughts were very quiet and I felt emotionally stable.

When I started to connect with the land at deeper levels, I was very surprised about the depth and abundance I found.

In the end it was a journey to myself, to the core of my beeing, to the essence of my soul.

It truely is a place of truth, simplicity and love.


Magdalena Lampe

My stay in Maha Maya Center of Consciousness with Parvati was a wonderful and absolutely enriching experience, that I don’t want to miss anymore. It’s not easy to put in words, what I experienced, because it simply must be experienced. I did not prepare for my 10-days trip to Kerala, I only collected a view information and travelled without any expectations.

While attending the HIAO retreat I immersed myself in a completely new world. I was surprised by a kind of practice, that aligned my energy and my mind. This exercise soon showed a deep impact on myself, and inner wounds started to heal, unnecessary ballast fell off. Parvati guided and accompanied us with all her love at this journey to ourselves. She helped us to find the path to ourselves.

Monika Tatrai

I arrived. The gate opens and I enter Maha Maya Land for the first time. In this very first moment I have such intense emotions, that I need to pause for a moment. No, this is not a place, where I quickly go to my room and keep doing things as usual. It’s magical touching and I pause and let this place sink in. I experience this land with all my senses and we soulful connect to each other. I can feel it, this land wants to be considered with love, dignity and humility – it earns my highest appreciation.

Within the next days I develop a deep relationship to this place. I am only myself and discover what’s really important for me. I can feel a deep silence and balance. With immense gratitude I come home and am absolutely sure to come back. Maha Maya center is anchored in my heart and will accompany me throughout my life – with all the peace and security I experienced there.

Wolfgang Mastny

When we put everything aside,
all your success and all your failure,
all your family issues,
all the troubles that concern you - just everything.
Who are you?
Are you ready to face that -
ready to face your destiny?

Maha Maya Center of Consciousness
Parvati Reicher
Währingerstraße 70/3
1090 Wien
Tel.: 0043 699 11 044 258

Maha Maya Center of Consciousness pvt ltd
Near St Thomas church,
Olive mount
Tabore P.O
Postal code – 683577
Mookkannoor, Angamaly
Ernakulam district, Kerala

Destination Airport: Cochin