So I am back at Maha Maya land, after 6 monts. I am so grateful, bevause this center, that arises is so guided and protected.

As soon as my feet responded again, Alex - our wonderful architect - guided us through the building site. Actually it doesn't feel like a building site, because it's so beautiful already. We walk through an alley of palmtrees and I can perceive how wonderful and healing this garden will be, as soon as it may grow. I see the walls and am happy and grateful for all the hands that built the terracotta bricks, grateful for all the women's hands that planted in care. You can already perceive now how homey and peaceful this place will be.

As we move on in Maha Maya land, one thing sticks out: the seminarhall with it’s impressive roof top. All details are planned already, space for mats and pillows, the light switches and plug sockets. I stop underneath the huge dome and think how much joy people will experience here, when they come as seminar leader or participant and work, practice and meditate. I can feel what it is like to be here in silence and feel the natural draught that comes to the hall on a warm or hot day. I can feel how they hear the birds from around and get seduced from the silence and peace to find out about the world within them, and to finally fall in love with themselves.

The temple on Maha Maya land is not subject to any confession, it is a temple to perceive the highest in person. I know this place will touch many people.